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Real Life Success: Regent Bank Client Gifting

Relationships are vital in business, and Regent Bank understands this concept well. In this case study, we will share how Regent Bank partnered with Resonate Gift Marketing Co. to create a unique gifting solution for their clients:

The Challenge:

Regent Bank wanted to create a memorable and fun gift for their clients.

The Solution:

Resonate Gift Marketing Co. capitalized on two unique national holidays in June, National Beef Jerky Day and National Fudge Day. The gift package included high-quality beef jerky and delicious fudge. Everything was wrapped in branded elements, and the gift included a personalized note from the Regent Bank CEO, Sean Kouplen.


This case study demonstrates the power of personalized, timely, and creative gifting in strengthening client relationships and fostering loyalty. Here is what Amy Wall from Regent Bank has to say about using Resonate Gifts:

“Planning quarterly gifts for 200+ esteemed clients is no easy task, and Resonate Gift Marketing Co. has taken all the guesswork out of it! The company created wonderful ideas that were universal hits. We will continue to use Resonate for any gift needs, and I highly recommend them!”

Contact us today to explore how we can help you create custom gifts for your clients or employees.

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