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Corporate Gifting for New Employees

The first day of work for a new employee sets the tone and energy of the work environment. Receiving a gift during the first week of work is one way to make a new employee feel valued and part of a supportive team from the very beginning. Here are three ways to make a new employee feel welcome:

  1. Get to know your employees: Throughout the hiring process, you may have learned about your new employee's interests or hobbies. Use this information to create a gift tailored to their individual tastes. Here are two examples:

  • You may have an employee moving to a new city or state for the job. A meaningful gift idea might be a basket of local products to make them feel more at home in their new city.

  • You may have learned that in your employee's free time, they like to try new coffee shops. An easy but thoughtful gift idea could include a new tumbler with the employee's name and coffee beans.

Don't be afraid to great creative! Resonate Gift Marketing Co. has gifts for all types of employees. We can help you dream up the perfect gift.

Another way to get to know employees is by creating an employee questionnaire to be filled out during the onboarding process. An employee questionnaire can include things like favorite color, favorite office supplies, favorite Sonic drink, and other "favorite" like questions.

Coffee beans, sugar cubes, and an OKC mug

2. Practical Onboarding Gifts: If you are part of a larger company, preparing a practical onboarding kit with work essentials like a branded notepad, company mug, and water bottle may be more manageable for your new employee load.

One way to make this gift feel more personalized is by asking the new employee's manager to write a note to accompany the gift.

NBMC General Contractor branded coffee tumblers

3. Host a Welcome Event: Consider organizing a small welcome event or team lunch to celebrate the arrival of the new employee. This allows them to interact with their colleagues in a relaxed setting, helping them feel at ease and integrated into the team from the start.

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