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Helping Immediate Care Show They Care

Immediate Care of OK (ICO) was looking to simplify the process of sending employee birthday gifts across multiple locations. How do you make a gift personal, deliver it to multiple locations, get the names's stressful just thinking about it.

ICO had previously been giving gift cards but realized it wasn't as thoughtful as they wanted. Then they were introduced to Resonate Gifts and discussed what they'd like to see happen in an ideal world. We've been working together for a few years, helping Immediate Care show appreciation for their team in a personal way.

We have worked with Immediate Care to develop new custom gifts each year that would be sent to employees on ICO's behalf, including a handwritten note from ICO. Every time gifts were shipped, Resonate Gifts notified the HR staff and included tracking information, saving HR the hassle of planning and giving the gifts. We also developed holiday gifts for their employees, each branded with the ICO logo.

Now the employee gifts are more personal, less stressful, and the HR staff are superheroes.

Gift Service Used:

  • Employee Birthday Gifts

  • Corporate Holiday Gifts.

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